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Super Talk at the Coffee Shop | Supergirl S01E11 | Strange Visitor From Another Planet

Jan 26, 2016 | Supergirl Podcast

Supergirl saves an anti-alien senator that sounds a tad like Donald Trump from a mysterious monster – who it turns out has killed Hank’s family and entire race on Mars back in the day.  Kara writes to Cat’s estranged son, Adam, AS Cat!  Cat throws down!  But somehow Adam ends up asking Kara out on a date – Hel-lo!!

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Good forest fire CGI as we start off the episode with Supergirl saving an Hispanic-looking family living in a very old trailer out in the forest.   I noticed right away because there are so few Hispanics on the screen and I’m Hispanic.  The best portrayal we have right now is Cisco on CW’s The Flash – who represents both the Hispanic community and everything that is awesome about Geeks.
“…post-rescue swagger” 😎 
Kara is going through the age-old bane of all girls in their high school, college, and beyond years… Your guy friend like likes you and you don’t like him back.  Girls always mean it when they say, “Can we still be friends?”  But guys never do. We’ll see how it goes with Winn since he’s actually a cast member on the show, he can’t just ride off into the sunset to lick his wounds… Or can he?
And then immediately, Kara meets a potential new love interest in the coffee shop… Like never happens in real life.  We know… We podcast in a coffee shop!
And, seriously?!  Kara is really THAT naive to not recognize such BLATANT flirting?
Cat Grant has the reputation where she “breathes fire and eats babies” 😉
The anti-alien rally shows parallels with our country’s own illegal alien struggles right now.  Is that you, Sheriff Joe?
Cat Grant: to the Supergirl version of Sheriff Joe, “She is a lightning rod for bigots, hippies, and aliens, and yes, that is the order in which I detest them.”
Cat is STILL calling Kara, Kiera… Too funny.
Cat Grant: “You better get us a quote that will offend virtually everyone.”  Yes, The Hometown Geek believes very much that is  what the media is instructed to do on a daily basis.
“…excellent click-bait.”
No humanizing moments for Cat Grant last episode, they’re saving them all up for this one.  Adam… The Feels.
Cat’s constant back and forth with Kara reminds me of The Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride, “I’ll most likely kill/fire you in the morning.”  Kara keeps getting to keep her job, just like Wesley kept getting to keep his life.
Winn: “Just don’t.  Please.”  🙁  😥  😳 
Senator Crane about aliens:  “We need to know where they live, what they do, and WHO they eat.”  Hmmm… Fear monger much?  Or maybe she’s seen V: The Miniseries?
A dome… Or a wall?  Shades of Donald Trump.
“Monsters are coming for your families.”
And, of course, then they do.
ALRIGHT!  Jimmy reprogrammed his signal watch to go to Supergirl now instead of Superman!
And now we go to the whole bigot gets to know the object of their hate and then starts to count them as “one of the GOOD ones.”  Except maybe not… This bigotry runs deep.
Aex: “Sedative.  You’re welcome.”
Are we encountering the one who destroyed everyone on Mars?  Yup, White Martians.  Although, we have one that turned awesome and joined the Young Justice team, so there’s always hope.
Edgar Rice Burroughs, did, in fact, have White Martians in his John Carter, Warlord of Mars series of books (John Carter is from Arizona in the books!) starting all the way back in 1917.
And so THAT’s where J’onn gets his insane fear of fire from.
Supergirl’s look of determination as she pledges to bring in the White Martian is just so darn cute!
Is Cat Grant rubbing the bodies of dead babies on her face in some frightening Faustian bid to remain ever youthful?
Cat Grant: “I’ve handled Putin, Pope Francis, and Taylor Swift.”
The song we liked and referenced is Maneater by Grace Mitchell (originally done by Hall & Oates )        
What the heck is Jimmy taking pictures with?  Is he developing film?  In this day and age?  If you’re a photographer and know, please email us at
Ooooo… Senator Crane is the White Martian!  We’ve got shapeshifting madness afoot!
“…comic book delusions.”
So J’onn J’onzz is pretty much a Holocaust survivor in this version of the Martian Manhunter.
Cat Grant: “sunny Danvers sentimentality.”
And then Cat pronounces Kara’s name correctly.  More Feels.
Melissa Benoist does the best adorkable ever – the scene where she goes to Adam on Cat’s behalf.
Ha!  And now Kara is a family counselor!  😉   How to Say You’re Sorry and Get in Right Relationship 101
The hunt for the White Martian – seriously, no protocol on fighting a shapeshifter?  Great CGI (or makeup) on Senator Martian in the sewer!
Supergirl: “We don’t choose.”  Choose who dies, when we die?  Is this against Suicide, Assisted Suicide?
GREAT Martian language!
Lots of beautiful father-daughter bonding.
It must’ve been Winn‘s week off.
Finally, Sheriff Joe/Senator Crane comes to see the light.
Soooooo Cat approves of Kara as a love match for her son?
They finally also acknowledge the whole Kiera vs. Kara thing that’s been going on for the last 11 episodes…. To which I chuckle at every time.
Adorkable Kara getting asked out on a date by Adam. 😆 
We end with TV and ice cream time with sisters – I love these endings.
Maxwell Lord’s secret from Room 52 comes out to play in our cliffhanger of a Supergirl doppelgänger.
Greg, Hometown Geek’s Resident Token Male, is now president of the White Martian Fan Club. 
This podcast is dedicated to all the Tanyas of the world.   You know who you are.


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