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Feb 13, 2016

I see Deadpools.  Everywhere.

I’ve been to three ComiCon-type events now and they always have a lot of Deadpool cosplayers.  These Deadpool cosplayers are a certain breed and I’ve heard from many avid Con-goers that they’re all kind of the same and kind of annoying.  Be that as it may, I haven’t
personally experienced that and would love for you to share what your experience has been in the comments section below.

I’ve tried a few times to get the Deadpool cosplayers to act in character on camera and they are truly at a loss.  I feed them a generic Deadpool line – like “I love chimichangas!” – and they still can’t do it with enthusiasm or in character.

I’m posting a couple of Deadpool Cosplay pics below and a video compilation of Deadpools, too.  Enjoy and let me know why you think there are so many Deadpool cosplayers at any given cosplay event in the comments section below.



Chimi-flavored video here!

Click on the Deadpool Photo Gallery above.  Do it.  You know you want to.

In preparation for the debut of the Deadpool movie this weekend, I just bought this Kindle /Comixology edition of the first appearances of Deadpool. It collects New Mutants (1983) #98, Deadpool (1993) #1-4, Deadpool (1994) #1-4, Deadpool (1997) #1.  If you don’t want a digital copy, you can always get it in paperback/graphic novel format, too.  I’m liking it!

What’s your favorite Deadpool comic?

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