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The Most Powerful Wonder Women In Tech in 2016

Nov 28, 2016Tech

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Female leaders are often underestimated. Their effectiveness to lead has always been questioned by many. Male leaders are known to be better than women because of their confidence and ability to speak without hesitation. But at present time, female leaders are making their mark in the world, may it be in the industry of business, sciences or politics.

When it comes to technology world, however, men are still taking control. The major gender gap in this field is quite obvious. It seems like women are scared to engage themselves in the tech workforce. Survey says Silicon Valley only has 18 percent of female leaders and it further specified that only 10 percent of females landed the tech work in large tech corporations.

There are women who have shown the world their confidence, skills and talent in the field of technology. They made their way to the top because they are fearless, ambitious and tough. They have proven the world that gender has no barrier. No matter what industry you are in, women can definitely become a leader.

Women can be better and more efficient than men when it comes to tech leadership. According to Forbes News, female leaders can produce 20 percent more profit compared to men. This proves that technology industry isn’t just for men.

We came up with this amazing infographic which contains a list of the world’s most powerful women in technology in 2016.

Let this be an inspiration for every woman out there. Have fun with the presentation.

What do YOU think, fellow geeks? 

Is there a problem with lack of female representation in the tech industry?  Does it matter to you?  How many of you are interested in the tech industry due to your interest in sci fi and comics like Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.?  We’d like to hear from you.

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