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Super Talk at the Coffee Shop | Supergirl S01E12 |Bizarro

Feb 2, 2016 | Supergirl Podcast

Kara faces a Bizarro-Doppelgänger! Blue Kryptonite!  Maxwell Lord knows Supergirl and Alex are sisters!  Poor Kara – no more lovey dove with Cat’s son, Adam!  And the alien from Alien attacks Supergirl at the last minute – Yikes!

Take a listen and feel free to share with all your friends.  On second thought, don’t just “feel free” to share… just do it!



Not a lot of notes for this episode, although we really enjoyed doing the podcast this week and had a lot of fun with it – I’ll be back to flesh this out later. 🙂


  • Mary Shelley, Prometheus Unbound is also known as Frankenstein.
  • Maxwell Lord runs Prometheus Genetics and scoops up comatose girls that look like Spergirl.  Apparently there are a lot of brain dead blondes in the area.
  • Way to talk your sister into dating, the timing’s never going to be right, so just go for it.
  • Love Pentagram?  Winn, Jimmy, Lucy Lane, Adam Foster, Kara…?
  • Seriously, a girl can’t have a first kiss without having to fight your own doppelgänger?!
  • Cat: “I ordered an Amber Alert!”
  • Lamest excuse for a breakup I’ve ever seen.
  • Is it Winn’s plan to tell Jimmy Olsen to go for it with Kara so that he gets fired by Cat for ending out her son, Adam, and then that leaves the field open for Winn?
  • I like how Alex body slammed Max Lord – way to defend the fam!
  • Lol, Jimmy Olsen is the Damsel in Distress!
  • It’s a ListerineBattle of Bad Breath between Bizaroo and Supergirl
  • I like Max Lord’s comparison of Truth, Justice, and the American Wya to Gitmo/Guantanomo Bay.
  • Cat’s speech to Kara about her breakup with her son, Adam, showed that she had been hurt – more than her son had been hurt.
  • Really??  The Alien from Alien is lying in wait for Kara in her apartment?  This wouldn’t have happened if she was eating ice cream and watching TV with her sister on the couch like normal.
• This episode of our podcast is dedicated to all the semi-evil Doppelgangers of the word out there… you know who you are…
Thanks to Starbucks for providing a safe haven, lots of chai, tea, and coffee for the recording of this podcast radio show.


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