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Super Talk at the Coffee Shop | Supergirl S01E03 | Fight or Flight

Nov 10, 2015 | Supergirl Podcast

Supergirl accidentally reveals that she’s Superman’s cousin to Cat Grant. Seriously?!?! Battle with Reactron. And Jimmy has an ex-fiancée?! Whaaattttt?!?!

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This episode of the CBS TV show, Supergirl… Wherein we discuss Jimmy Olsen’s change of race and how changing a beloved character, first established in 1938, in comics and TV’s search for diversity affects long-time fans. The Hometown Geek is all in for diversity, but is still the Hometown Geek who loves comic books and tradition so doesn’t think they can get totally behind the death of Ginger Jimmy Olsen.
Possible other podcasts for Everybody’s Hometown Geek to start up are discussed such as Daredevil and an in depth chat on The Man in the High Castle premiering on Amazon Prime Streaming, by author Philip K. Dick who also wrote the book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which inspired the classic Harrison Ford movie, Blade Runner.  As a bonus treat, some of the X-Files creators are also involved with The Man in High Castle.
We also discuss how Amazon picks its original shows by fan voting.
• Superman’s appearance on the show and what his place should be on Supergirl.
• Issues with seemingly everyone knowing Supergirl’s secret identity and how it might be a “womanly” trait to share more with your friends than your male counterpart, Superman.
• The Hometown Geek accurately predicts (several episodes ahead) who Hank Henshaw actually turns out to be.
Wikipedia: National City derives its name from DC Comics’ former company names, National Periodical Publications, previously known as National Allied Publications and National Comics.
• Which is what The Hometown Geek thought, but had only guessed at during the podcast, but is now confirmed.
• We try to accommodate Greg, our new co-host, who’s never seen the show before, by going over a couple of Supergirl TV series points.
• Greg poses the question, what’s it like to kiss a Woman of Steel and wonders if she could crush a guy with her lips of steel.
• The Hometown Geek asks if Supergirl has ever been kissed before, she seems pretty naive in the dating game.
• The uproar of taking out “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” in the last 2 Superman movies, but it was in tonight’s Supergirl episode.  What does it all mean?
• This episode of our podcast is dedicated to all the Gingers of the world.
Thanks to Starbucks for providing a safe haven, lots of chai, tea, and coffee for the recording of this podcast radio show.

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