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The Debut of Super Talk at the Coffee Shop! | A Podcast Review of the Supergirl TV Show

Oct 25, 2015 | Supergirl Podcast

Want to find out what our new podcast/internet radio talk show is all about?  Take a listen to our short promo and feel free to share with all your friends.  On second thought, don’t just “feel free” to share… just do it!


What’s that up in the sky?
It’s not a bird or a plane…
It’s Super Talk at the Coffee Shop!
Have you ever felt like you had to hide who you truly are, but still have so much to offer the world?
But we’re just bursting at the seams to let your real self out?   
Have you ever felt unappreciated at work?
Have you ever really just wanted to do the right thing, but weren’t sure how?
Have you ever felt like just about everyone around you was from another planet?
Then Supergirl is a TV show you’ll enjoy as much as we do, even if you don’t necessarily love comic books the way we do… But seriously, though, why DON’T you love comic books the way we do?!
So why don’t you join us for a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or chai coming at you semi-live from Everybody’s Hometown in Prescott, AZ.  And tell all your superfriends to listen to Super Talk at the Coffee Shop.
When we’re not at the coffee shop, you’ll find us at our website, Where we’ve got the latest episode of Super Talk at the Coffee Shop and all things related to geek culture, including interviews and reviews, videos, and other geek-related audio podcasts.
So you never miss an episode, you can subscribe to this podcast now… Or later… Or now… How about right now?  Now?
Do you see the subscribe button?  It’s there.  Press it. Now.
Thank you so much and see you next time!

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