#SayNoToHYDRACap! A Word From Steve Rogers

Jun 9, 2016Comic Cons

Are you as outraged by HYDRA Cap as we are?

Watch the video below to hear Steve Rogers himself
set the record straight

Steve Rogers himself, sets the record straight about accusations that he’s a HYDRA sleeper agent.  Is it true that comic book writer, Nick Spencer, may actually be the HYDRA agent??  Find out more in this exclusive interview at Phoenix Comicon!

Hi, my name is Steve Rogers, but you know me as Captain America, and this is Everybody’s Hometown Geek!

[In regard to the Captain America has been a HYDRA agent all along as per Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016-) #1] Alright, before we get started on that, one thing I’d like to ask is to make sure that everyone that’s posting and complaining about it, please be civil, be polite.  At no point would I want someone to make a death threat, the threat of throwing someone’s cat in the wood chipper, etc. are some of the crazy things I’ve heard and others have put up with and that’s unacceptable.
We live in a land of civil discourse, we have a our right to disagree, but we’re going to do so peacefully and civilly.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 cover

That said, I was looking forward to seeing what they came up with for the 75th anniversary of my book.  I spent 10 years basically not being me.  They’ve had me dead, they’ve had me lost in time, they’ve had the Super Soldier Serum sucked out of my body, all kinds of nonsensical stories, and this year I was excited to know I was coming back to the pages.  <sigh>

First off, you brought my Mom into it.  You leave Sarah Rogers alone.  Trying to play HER as a HYDRA plant, we got problems.



I’m going on the record to say I have not, have never been, currently not, and never will be, a member of HYDRA. 


I look at it this way – Nick Spencer says he spent 2 years working on this storyline.  Alright, I’ll give you that.  But, I also look at what happened 2 years ago – the crashing of 3 Helicarriers and the bombing of Triskelion (see Captain America: The Winter Soldier the movie.) 

We basically stopped HYDRA, they ran, they scrambled, they looked for places to hide, they’ve done it for years.  They found the best place they could…Nick Spencer got a job at Marvel Comics to spread disinformation about me.  It’s the only thing I can go with…


Black Widow Cosplay

I don’t have enough information to make a decision right now, but I will point out that 2 of my best friends are world-class spies.  We’re going to get to the bottom of this.

Nick Fury Cosplay

I thought this year, this was going to be the biggest document [The Sokovia Accords – see Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War the movie] to cause the most headaches in my  life, but it seems a man can cause more headaches with only two words [“Hail Hydra”] on a piece of paper. 

Spiderman Cosplay

You may find these popping up in the public in the near future.  Because of this nonsense with HYDRA, I’ve started putting out a limited edition “To Hail With HYDRA” coin (pardon the language on that.)  So, I’m just trying to share the information and let people know that I have never been, and never will be, a member of that organization.  

Hail Hydra

A good friend of mine constantly reminds me that with great power comes great responsibility.  That pen is mightier than a sword, but it may not be mightier than a shield.

To Hail With Hydra! coin


Thanks for having me, Phoenix ComiCon – it’s been a blast!



The Hometown Geeks with Captain America Cosplay



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