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DC Rebirth Reviews

Jun 26, 2016Comic Books

Is the 2016 DC Rebirth the TOY STORY of Comic Books?


How could we ever have forgotten our heroes?

Flash: How could I EVER forget you?
How could I ever have forgotten my childhood favorites?

DC Rebirth #01 Flash: "How could I EVER forget you? Page 52

What is DC Rebirth?

From Wikipedia:

DC Rebirth is a 2016 relaunch by DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic books. Using the end of The New 52 initiative in May 2016 as its launching point, DC Rebirth is intended to restore the DC Universe to a form much like that prior […]

The Rebirth initiative will reintroduce concepts from pre-Flashpoint continuity, such as legacy, that were lost with The New 52 and build “on everything that’s been published since Action Comics #1 [the first appearance of Superman, in 1938] up through The New 52.”

While I read all of The New 52 comic books in order to give it a fair try, I never enjoyed the new direction the classic characters were taken and the fact that everything was starting over from scratch with about 70 years of comic book history banished.  Sadly, I soon was not reading any of The New 52 titles.

Then came DC Rebirth…


Superman in Action Comics Logo

Pre-Flashpoint Superman (I assume that’s who he is and who has been featured in the amazing mini-series Superman: Lois and Clark, since I’ve never read Flashpoint.  I have watched The Flashpoint Paradox cartoon/animated movie on Netflix, though.  I understand that Flashpoint created DC’s New 52, also?  Anyway…

Pre-Flashpoint Superman has to out himself rather than allow the travesty of Lex Luthor taking over as Superman for Metropolis (see The Final Days of Superman to find out what happened to the New 52 Superman) and then winds up fighting Doomsday… Again.  Remember, Doomsday is the majorly bad guy that actually killed Superman in 1993 in Superman #75 The Death of Superman.  No Bueno.








Let’s take a look at the first month of DC Rebirth:

DC Rebirth Action Comics #957 Cover
DC Rebirth Action Comics #957 Variant Cover

To top it off, “Clark Kent” is reporting the story as it happens.  Something’s amiss here and I’m confused all over the place, but I’m willing to go along for the ride because we finally have Superman back!  The real Superman!  I mean the Pre-Flashpoint, Post-Crisis Superman who is now Married With Children.  Actually, one child – Jonathan – who’s just now starting to develop some super powers at age 10.  

The art is good and I always love Dan Jurgens‘ writing so this is some good stuff, Maynard.
Did I mention Superman’s back?! The real one??
P.S. Thank you, DC Comics, for getting rid of that weird Nehru-jacket style collar and bringing the old cape back.
DC Rebirth Action Comics #958 Cover
DC Rebirth Action Comics #958 Variant Cover
Aquaman Logo
Dan Abnett does a great job with this one!  Way to go, Aquaman!
Halfway through the book, I began wondering who was narrating this comic.  We get the big reveal on the final page and I didn’t see it coming.  Great writing.
I really love the artwork in this book!  So much detail and fine composition.  Thanks to Scot Eaton, Oscar Jiménez, and Mark Morales.  My only complaint is the depiction of Aquaman’s hair underwater and also when he is freshly emerged from the ocean.  Underwater, there is no “flowingness” to his hair and once he’s on dry land, it doesn’t look wet at all.  But really, the artwork is beautiful so I can’t complain.  Take a look at the awesomeness that is the page 2 full page spread – the detail!
DC Rebirth Aquaman Page 02
DC Rebirth Aquaman Cover
DC Rebirth Aquaman Variant Cover

I’m liking that Abnett addresses the running joke that is Aquaman right off the bat.  Talking to the fishies, indeed!  I thought the beginning of DC’s New 52 version of Aquaman did so in such a way that I was laughing out loud, but this time it’s definitely a more serious tone.

I like the setup on this book and am now duly concerned for Aquaman and his love, Mera.  Looking forward to Aquaman (2016-) 1
DC Rebirth Aquaman #01 Cover
DC Rebirth Aquaman #01 Variant Cover
Wow, talk about a punch to the gut! How quickly things turn!
It SEEMED like the opening day at Spindrift Station  (Atlantean Dry Land Embassy, Massachusetts) was going well and then all heck breaks loose.  Oh, Lt. Sark, we hardly knew ye…  I was really starting to root for a sea/land romance with Sark and Lt. Joanna Stubbs, Royal Navy, but it now looks like that has ended before it’s even begun.
DC Rebirth Aquaman #01 Page 06
DC Rebirth Aquaman #01 Page 07

If you’re ever thinking of extending the hand of friendship from your nation to another/rest of the world and go through all the trouble to invite them over and serve the best ev-ah seafood platters and give them a welcoming speech with your wife… Be prepared for everything to go wrong in an instant.  There’s always that guy…

That guy happens to be an obnoxious Daily Planet reporter; until he’s not.  Black Manta, what’s your major malfunction?  Apparently, you’re the master of disguise AND a grudge holder.  You take out Sark and Mera and then stab Aquaman through the heart?!  No Bueno.
How are we going to get out of this one, Atlantis?!  This is an international incident now!
I’m really loving this aspect of Aquaman – Arthur Curry, head of state.  Sadly, it’s a lot to juggle when you rule 2/3 of the world and things aren’t going well at all.  Poor Arthur, bad first days are the worst!  
Looking forward to see how he pulls these shrimps off the barbie next issue!  Crikey!
P.S.  Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessey are drawing the best expressions and human characters that I’ve seen in a long time!  I didn’t think the art could be any better than in Aquaman Rebirth, but this is GREAT!
Green Lanterns Logo
DC Rebirth Green Lanterns Cover
DC Rebirth Green Lanterns Variant Cover
DC Rebirth Green Lanterns #01 Cover
DC Rebirth Green Lanterns #01 Variant Cover
LOVING Jessica Cruz!
It’s great to see an Hispanic chica (I’m one myself) breaking the superhero barrier!
Earth, Sector 2418, now has two Green Lanterns: Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz… and they’re mixing like oil and water.  On the positive side, as they’re forced to team up, we can see that each one makes up for what their partner lacks.  It’s actually a very good team-up.  Jessica provides some stability and common sense to Simon’s brashness.  I also hope they explore more of Jessica’s mental issues with agoraphobia and anxiety disorder.  What an interesting character trait for a superhero!  Especially a Green Lantern who are supposed to be known for being fearless.
I know the basics of Blackest Nightand Brightest Day, but I never really got into the New 52 Grean Lantern comics.  This DC Rebirth version of Green Lantern Corps seems to be a great jumping on point and the art by Ethan Van Sciver and Ed Benes Is fantastic!
Geoff Johns is teamed with Sam Humphries for Green Lanterns Rebirth and then Sam goes solo with the writing duties on Green Lanterns (2016-) #1.  Geoff Johns is known for bringing out the Rainbow in the Green Lantern Corps and is also the architect of the entire DC Rebirth this year.  It looks like he decided to help out a little with the writing on this as a labor of love and to take a little bit of time off from his job as Chief Creative Officer for DC Comics.
I DO feel like I need to catch up with the recent adventures of the Green Lanterns in The New 52 because I want to know more about Jessica Cruz!  What a great character that I’m totally enamored with – I want more!


More to be added here as I review the rest of this first month of DC Rebirth which includes all Rebirth issues and all the new #1s.


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